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How does it work?

The system is very simple.

In just a few steps you can download and use an image:

1. Subscribe to the website
2. Find the perfect image
3. Check what size you need
4. Buy credits
5. Download the image immediately

We offer royalty free images. A royalty free license means that you can reproduce the picture(s) as often as you like for an unlimited period. The usage rights, however, must be respected. There are two types of licenses:

1. Standard license: You may use the image for various projects. The image may not be used on a product which is sold, such as posters, mugs, T-shirts or other products.

2. Enhanced (Extended) user license: This license allows you to use the purchased image(s) for creating products which are intended to be sold: posters, mugs, T-shirts or other products.

Usage                                            Standard                        Extended
Web Site / Blog / Illustration                  X                                 X
Electronic Document / Report                 X                                 X
Multimedia Presentation                         X                                 X
Digital Advertising                                 X                                 X
TV / Video                                            X                                 X
Press article                                          X                                 X
Book / Folder                                        X                                 X
Print Advert                                          X                                 X
Printed Document                                  X                                 X
Printed Decoration                                 X                                 X
Poster Re-sale                                                                          X
Mugs / T-shirt Resale                                                                X
Other Resale                                                                            X



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